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The Importance of Deck Cleaning and Maintenance in the Spring

A deck is a great outdoor space to spend your afternoons with family and friends. To maximize your deck, ensure you carry out regular cleaning and maintenance work. A well-maintained deck doesn’t only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also its value.

Reasons to Keep Your Deck Neat and Well-Maintained

Health and safety

Decks are typically exposed to wet conditions that encourage the growth of mold, mildew, and algae. The green growths are not only an eyesore but also a health hazard. They can make your decks-quite slippery and hazardous to cause severe injuries in case of falls. If you notice signs of mold and other green growths, contact a professional to do the cleaning and make your deck a safe place to relax and entertain.

Extension of lifespan

During spring, unpleasant and unhealthy growths may develop on your deck. These growths can significantly compromise and reduce your deck’s lifespan. If not treated properly, the breakdown process triggered by these growths can damage and expose your deck to elements of weather.

Increase in property value

A well-maintained deck draws the attention of home buyers willing to pay top dollar. Without adequate care, your deck will eventually decrease the value of your property. A neglected deck also requires extensive renovation works that push away any potential home buyers.

Four Spring Deck Maintenance Tips

Inspect the deck

You should routinely inspect your deck for signs of wood rot and damage. If you notice any protruding nails and splintering, hammer the protruding nails back and sand the deck to achieve a smoother surface.

Clean thoroughly

Clean your deck by sweeping it of any debris, dust, and soil that may accumulate over time. Use a recommended mild cleaner and a good stiff-bristled brush to clean the deck surfaces. You can also use a low-pressure power washer to clean your deck.

Stain the deck

To prevent damage from weather elements, stain your deck using a light or clear finish stain. Additionally, use an excellent UV and fade-resistant stain that protects your deck for extended periods.

Seal the deck

An ideal sealant product helps prevent water from penetrating the boards. Sealing also prevents other issues such as wood rot and mold growth. Apply the sealant using a brush or roller to ensure even distribution and best protection

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