Bucks & Montgomery County Mulching Company

1.1wall2When you want to enhance your landscape and provide care for your flower beds, mulching is a practice that provides many benefits. At Anthony Landscapes, our company provides free estimates that help you determine just what you’ll be paying for. We will travel to your property in areas like Newtown, New Hope and Doylestown, Pennsylvania to determine how much mulch is needed and the types of mulch that will provide the most value for your beds.

It is imperative to contact a trusted mulching company every spring and summer to take a look at the mulch on your property. As one of the simplest forms of landscaping, mulching adds to the appeal of your garden while delivering many advantages that enhance the health of your shrubs and plants.

What Mulching Does for Your Property

  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Helps soil temperatures remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Reduces compaction of soil during heavy rain
  • Conserves moisture to avoid the need for excessive watering

The benefits of mulch are outstanding, helping your garden to not only grow, but flourish. It will save you time watering and protect your soil against strong weather conditions. Because a layer of mulch is covering your flower beds, weeds will also be few and far between, reducing the spreading of unwanted dandelions, crabgrass, greater plantain, ragwort, clover and similar uninvited guests. It is important to have the right environment for your shrubs, plants and flowers to thrive; at the same time, however, you want to prevent any weeds from creeping in!

There are many different types of mulch that Anthony Landscapes works with while maintaining your property in Bucks County. From organic compost to topsoil, we provide a specially mixed garden with the right combinations of:

  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Nitrogen

We work tirelessly to meet your ideal gardening conditions and fulfill your aesthetic vision. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and ensure that key nutrients are retained for maximum growth of your plants. We prepare your soil in such a way so as to ensure solid planting, consistent growth and the perfect amount of sunlight and shade for the best hydration throughout the season.

Garden Edging Service

In addition to our mulching services in Bucks County, we also provide edging, which will make your planting beds and your lawn pop. Edging aesthetically defines your gardening space from the rest of your yard by creating either straight or curved borders, with several design options available. This look can provide contrast between the lines of the border and the softer textures of your flowers.

1.2patio6.1Edging also helps to contain your garden, preventing soil or mulch from blowing out into your grass. This border makes maintenance a much easier task by protecting your plants from damage caused by weeding or mowing. It also helps make irrigation, fertilization and chemical applications easier to control by separating them from the rest of the lawn.

At Anthony Landscapes, we’re proud to provide you with quality mulch that serves as a protective layer to your flower beds, offering beneficial nutrients for the health of your plants. As a leading Bucks County lawn care company in Newtown, New Hope and Doylestown, Pennsylvania, we take care of your entire property, making sure it looks perfect throughout every season. Our services are always completed at a convenient time for you; schedule your appointment for a free estimate today!