5 Landscaping Tips for Fall

With winter weather right around the corner, it is easy to start neglecting your lawn and garden. Here at Anthony Landscapes, the leaders in designing and installing paver patios in Montgomery County, PA, we look out for your lawn regardless of the season.


With these five tips for fall and winter, your lawn will stand out once the snow melts in early spring.


#1 Keep Mowing Your Lawn – The best advice you can follow is to keep mowing your lawn regardless of the weather. Eventually, your lawn will stop growing once the weather becomes cooler. However, until then, you should cut your grass if it is growing. Grass that becomes too long will shade spots on the lawn, leading to some dead areas.


#2 Seed The Lawn – After a long summer, your lawn may experience some ugly areas from the summer sun or foot traffic. We recommend seeding the entire lawn and then focusing on the problem areas. A rule of thumb is two to four pounds of seed for every 1,000 square feet of lawn.


#3 Rake The Leaves – We know raking the leaves isn’t something you want to do on your day off from work, but leaving leaves scattered across your lawn cause multiple fungal diseases. It may not seem like much, but raking your leaves can go a long way when it comes to making sure your lawn looks beautiful when spring rolls around.


#4 Use Your Leaves – Instead of bagging up your leaves and throwing them out with your weekly trash, use the leaves to make your own mulch. You can turn your raked leaves into mulch by running a lawn mower over the pile of leaves. Your chewed up leaves can be great mulch for your garden area.


#5 Weeds – Just like most other plants during fall, weeds are in a state of energy absorption. Spraying weed killing products over your lawn is a surefire way to eliminate those pesky unwanted guests.


If you are interested in learning more about how to take care of your property during the fall or want to find out about paver patios for your Bucks County home, contact our friendly team at Anthony Landscapes today!

What to Expect When You Hire Anthony Landscapes

If you’ve hired Anthony Landscapes to complete a project in your yard, you already know that you’re going to receive professional service and a company that works together with you to achieve your design goals. However, if you’ve never had landscaping done with Anthony Landscapes, here’s what you can expect.

First, our trusted hardscaping company in Bucks County starts off with a free consultation where our designers will go over your needs, problems and budget. The length of your consultation will generally depend upon how in-depth your needs are. If you know exactly what you want, it may only involve an estimate and a sketch. If your ideas are more fluid, our designer may want to do a landscape investigation and site analysis.

After an on-site analysis, our designer will draw up a “base map” that takes into account any existing hard and softscaping, the current structures in your yard, and any landscape problems that might get in the way of the project. After the base map is completed, a design blueprint will be drawn up that includes the specifications of your project. The design will be customized to your budget, your wants and needs and the vision you have for your yard.

Finally, after the blueprint is finished, installation of your new features will begin. Our team of professionals will take the plans written on the blueprint and bring your vision to life in your own yard. You’ll be able to see as your dream backyard slowly comes to life right before your eyes!

When your installation is completed, we’ll meet with you to provide you with instructions to care for your new hardscaping and plantings. After everything is completed, we’ll also be available to answer any maintenance questions you have to retain the initial quality.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing your landscape dreams to reality, call Anthony Landscapes for trusted hardscaping service in Bucks County at 215-596-4730 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.

Why are There So Many Different Types of Mulch?

One of the best ways to improve the health and look of your garden is to add mulch. Mulch keeps plants cool, helps supplement the nutrients of the soil, and also gives a great professional look to your yard. But did you know that there are many different types of mulch?

From pine to gravel and rubber to compost, there is a seemingly endless number of mulching options for you to choose. While all mulching is great for your plants and will help prevent weed growth, there are so many different types of mulching because they offer benefits to certain environments and climates.

Most people know that all plants cannot grow in every part of the world; you’d be pretty surprised to see a cactus growing out here in Pennsylvania! This is because all plants are unique, and require different types of care and support to reach their full potential. The right mulching helps to support plant growth by assisting with what the plant needs from its environment. For example, a plant that requires a large amount of oxygen will do better with pumice rock mulch, which is porous and allows the short and stubby roots of the plant to breathe.

However, if a plant grows longer roots and needs more water, wood chip mulching will be a better choice because it is able to retain water for longer periods of time, allowing even the deepest roots to take a drink. The best mulch for your garden will depend on the plants that you have growing in it!

At Anthony Landscapes, one of the top mulching companies in Montgomery County, PA, we carry a number of different mulching types, some of which may be better suited to your needs than others.

Looking to make sure that your mulch matches with your landscaping in Bucks County? Be sure to consult with the professionals before choosing a mulch to make sure that you’re getting the benefits that you need!

How to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value with Your Backyard

When it comes to selling your home, everyone wants to get the most amount of money possible, but not many people know exactly what home improvements are worth making to improve the resale value of their home and yard. Getting your home ready to sell is no small task, but starting in your backyard in an excellent way to improve the appeal of your space to potential buyers and increase the average offer price.

If you’re investing in your home for a resale, consider working on these areas in your backyard, as they are buyers’ favorite things to see.

  • Focus on improving your pool’s detailing. In-ground pools are great. They can provide an amazing place for friends and family to chill out during the summer, and buyers love to see a beautiful and well-maintained in-ground pool when they’re checking out your home. In-ground pool contractors in Bucks County PA can help to make your pool an even bigger asset to your home by helping to fix up hardscaping, install new spas and make your pool shine as one of the best features of your home.
  • Increase the quality of your landscaping. Landscaping, including the addition of mulching, gardening and other features that will improve the overall appeal of your home can completely change the image that buyers have in mind of your home. Buyers love to see professional landscaping because it provides clean and easy jumping off point for them to make your backyard their own. With our professional landscaping in Bucks County, you can improve your backyard.
  • Check on your fencing. Fencing is essential if you value your privacy, have children or pets, or have installed a pool. However, not many homeowners know that they need to be regularly checking their fencing for signs of damage like wood rot, sagging or damage from pests. Before showing your home, make sure that your fencing is up to date and safe.

If you wish to increase the resale value of your home, contact our professionals here at Anthony Landscapes today!

Top 5 Flowers for Summer

Now that the temperatures are consistently higher and schools have let out, we officially know that it’s summertime. With gorgeous weather and families and friends coming to visit, everyone is spending more and more time outside. Is your yard looking a little boring or dead?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to impress company is by planting flowers in your yard. Seasonal flowers are a fun way to brighten up your property; however, not all flowers are appropriate for the summer heat.

As one of the top mulch and outdoor companies in Montgomery County, PA, here is a list of the top five flowers for Pennsylvania and New Jersey this summer!

  • Coreopsis. Coreopsis usually flower into a beautiful and bright yellow bulb, but come in a variety of colors. They are essentially hassle-free and thrive in the summer heat.


  • Dahlia. Dahlias are known for their unique floral shape, which forms a beautiful ball of symmetrical petals in adulthood. They are one of the prettiest summer flowers but come in variety of types, so be sure to ask your local gardener or landscaper what the specific needs of your type are.


  • Marigolds. Most people know marigolds for their fiery orange and yellow color scheme, but they’re also beloved because they are easy to care for and easy to plant! If this is your first season planting flowers, marigolds are an excellent beginner’s choice.


  • Snapdragon. Sometimes called “Beardtongue,” snapdragons are known for their beautiful pink and white tube-shaped flowers. They require a large amount of sun, so they’re perfect for the summer season. If you love hummingbirds, plant a bed near your windows- they’re a favorite of birds that eat nectar.


  • Gloriosa Lily. This neon pink and yellow flower is perfect for homes with a large amount of vines because they can grow amongst bricks or vining, decorating your home with beautiful and unique flowers. However, be warned that these flowers are poisonous if ingested, so they are not well suited for families with small children or pets.

If you are interested in learning more about these flowers or want to find out about our hardscaping installation services in Bucks County, we encourage you to contact us today!