5 Hearty Vegetables That You Can Grow in the Winter

Though cold weather may limit your gardening options, there are still plenty of hearty and healthy veggies that you can plant in the fall. If you’re a gardening fanatic, consider planting one of these four cold-weather vegetables. While most of them can withstand even the heavy snow of a Pennsylvania winter, you can toss a fleece blanket over your crop for an extra layer of protection.

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5 Fall Clean Up Services From Anthony Landscapes That Will Make Your Property Sparkle

September is officially here, which means that fall is right around the corner! As schools get ready to reopen and the community pool prepares to shut its doors for another season, property owners should be prepared with a plan to deal with the deluge of fall leaves and debris that will be blowing into town. Continue reading

3 Strategies to Help Pet Owners Protect Their Lawns From Urine Burns

The weather is heating up, and if you’re like most pet owners, you and your four-legged friend are probably spending more time playing in your yard. If you’ve been noticing that your beautiful green lawn has been mysteriously plagued by more and more brown or yellow patches, Fido may be the culprit. Anthony Landscapes knows that after an entire spring season of lawn care, seeing these stains pop up all over your hard work can be frustrating. Try using one of these three strategies from the professionals at our landscaping and hardscaping company in Bucks County to save your summer grass! Continue reading