Why Are There Brown Spots on My Lawn?

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Why are there brown spots on my lawn?” don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many homeowners in Bucks County, PA, and surrounding communities have faced this issue. In this blog post, we’ll explore the common reasons behind those unsightly brown spots and provide you with some valuable lawn care tips to help you achieve a lush, green lawn you can be proud of. Continue reading

Does Landscaping Increase My Home’s Value?

When homeowners plan to sell their homes, they often focus their renovation budget inside the house on features that are most likely to get them the most money for their homes. This usually includes updating kitchens and bathrooms, replacing carpets, or repainting walls to neutral colors. Focusing on improvements inside the house can significantly impact the value of a home. But what about the outside? What role does garden landscaping play? Many homeowners have wondered, “Does landscaping increase my home’s value?”  Continue reading

Should I Keep My Patio Furniture Covered?

Generally speaking, most outdoor furniture is made to withstand harsh weather conditions; however, some pieces must be covered to remain unharmed. The decision to keep your patio furniture covered should depend on the materials it is made of and how frequently you use it. It’s a good idea to shield outdoor furniture during winter to protect your investment from harsh weather conditions. If you’re asking yourself, “should I cover my patio furniture?” the answer is most likely: yes, you do. If you still aren’t sure, Anthony’s Landscapes has some of the most experienced backyard contractors in Yardley, PA, to help you with your decision. Continue reading

A husband and wife sitting next to a burning fire pit in their backyard

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fire Pit This Winter

Fire pits shouldn’t be limited to use during the year’s warmer months. Get the most out of your fire pit by continuing to use it throughout winter. There’s nothing better than warming up to a winter fire outdoors with a cup of hot cocoa.

Whether toasting marshmallows with family or inviting friends over for gatherings, your fire pit is a part of your outdoor living space you can enjoy year-round. Here’s how to get the most out of your fire pit this winter.

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