3 Strategies to Help Pet Owners Protect Their Lawns From Urine Burns

The weather is heating up, and if you’re like most pet owners, you and your four-legged friend are probably spending more time playing in your yard. If you’ve been noticing that your beautiful green lawn has been mysteriously plagued by more and more brown or yellow patches, Fido may be the culprit. Anthony Landscapes knows that after an entire spring season of lawn care, seeing these stains pop up all over your hard work can be frustrating. Try using one of these three strategies from the professionals at our landscaping and hardscaping company in Bucks County to save your summer grass! Continue reading

A Brief History of the Beautiful Koi Pond

Many homeowners love the look and tranquility of their koi pond, but many are unaware that koi breeding has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the 18th century. While the exact origins of the koi pond are currently unknown, experts believe that the koi carp evolved in Western Asia. The koi carp at this time was largely grey and dull in color—nothing like the orange, white, and black patterned koi we know and love today. The koi carp exhibits exceptional survival abilities and can thrive in a number of temperatures and environments. Thus, the fish eventually made its way to China and Japan.

In the mid-18th century Niigata Prefecture of Japan, rice farmers realized that koi carp contained high levels of protein and began breeding them to sustain their families through the winter. After decades of breeding, farmers began to notice that some of the dull, grey fish had mutated to show red, white, and orange blotches on the bodies of the carp. Farmers then began segregating these fish and breeding them with other mutated koi—thus creating the patterned koi we see today. In the 19th century, many koi breeders took their prized fish to Tokyo to exhibit, with thousands flocking to see the “patterned jewels” of the water.

The word “koi” is a derivative of the Japanese word “Nishikigoi,” which translates to “brocaded carp.” In Japanese, the word “koi” means “love,” “affection,” or “friendship,” and the playful fish are seen throughout Asia as symbols of love and good luck. In China, small koi ponds are often built as a part of feng shui to fill the home with luck and prosperity. The process eventually made its way to the west, and now people all around the world breed and keep these hardy fish as a hobby.

If you love the look and tradition of the koi pond, why not have one installed right in your own backyard? The in-ground pool contractors serving Bucks County, PA, at Anthony Landscapes can utilize the unique shape and composition of your property to install a koi pond that’s all your own! Give us a call today at 215-596-4730 to get started with a free estimate from Bucks County’s leading landscape company.


Why is My Grass Brown?

No matter if you’re a business owner or a weekend warrior looking to improve the look of your lawn, if you have grass on your property, you want it to be lush and green! Now that the snow of the winter season has finally started to melt away, your grass may be looking a little browner than you’d like.  Continue reading

Why are Decks So Popular?

From TV shows depicting the classic American family lounging in the summer to your neighbor next door who always seems to be cleaning and sweeping outside, it seems like every homeowner loves their deck. But what makes investing in a deck such a popular option when it comes to home additions?


At Anthony Landscapes, the top hardscaping and mulching company in Bucks County, we want to help revitalize your property. Read on to learn three reasons why deck installation has helped countless homeowners fall back in love with their property!


  • Decks offer a perfect addition for entertaining. Anyone with a small child knows that you can’t take your eyes off a curious child for more than a second — especially if they’ve just entered the terrible toddler stage! Some parents add a deck to their home to safely add a sort of “observation tower” to their home so their children can play in the yard while being supervised.


  • Decks encourage you to be more social. Whether you’ve been thinking about throwing a summer barbeque or a big spring graduation party, everyone loves to spend time out on their deck. Decks encourage you to be more social, and spend more time outdoors with the people that matter most to you — instead of allowing yourself to stay trapped inside, even when the weather is beautiful!


  • Decks offer an extension to the interior of the home. Picture this: it’s a beautiful spring or summer day, you have the doors to your deck open, and the warm sunlight and fresh air is flowing through your home. Sounds pretty peaceful and relaxing to us! One reason that many homeowners love their deck is because the surface area of the deck essentially extends the interior space of their home in the spring and summer seasons, especially when they’re getting some fresh air!


If you are considering adding a deck to your home, don’t leave your construction up to chance! Give our team at Anthony Landscapes a call today at 215-596-4730 to schedule your free estimate and learn more about their other offerings such as natural stone patios in Montgomery County, PA.