What Should I Look for in a Landscaping and Hardscaping Company?

If you’re looking to begin 2018 with a more beautiful yard, you probably already know that choosing the right landscaping and hardscaping team is crucial to making sure that the vision in your head can become a reality.

If you’ve already begun to search for the right hardscape contractor to work on your Yardley, PA property, you might already be wondering, “What should I be looking for when deciding who to trust on my property?”

With a seemingly endless number of options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your choices. Here are three things to search for when you’re looking for a qualified landscaping company.

  • Before-and-after photos. You want to pick a company that has proof that it can do what it says it can. When you’re considering landscaping companies, look for a before-and-after gallery that will show you exactly how well the company has improved properties in the past.
  • Free estimates. A common scam that goes around every few years in the landscaping and hardscaping business is the estimation scam. Home and property owners pay a non-refundable deposit to have an “expert” come out to assess the property, only to have a ridiculously high quote come back. Often, these so-called “experts” are not equipped to handle the job and make their money providing expensive estimate after estimate. Free estimates help ensure that you’re working with a reputable company.
  • Positive reviews. The best advertising comes from word-of-mouth, and the best landscaping companies will proudly display happy testimonials from previously satisfied customers. When choosing a landscaping company, search for one with plenty of customer testimonials for the best service!

With over 30 years of experience, a massive gallery of previous projects and a five-star rating on Yelp, Anthony Landscapes is the easy choice for anyone who is search for a reputable and reliable landscaping and hardscaping company.

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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Planning Your Hardscaping Improvements

If you’re the type of person who loves to spend time outside, you’ve probably been considering adding a hardscaping project to your yard. After all, when you improve your Montgomery County, PA property with hardscaping installation and expand, you’re essentially adding even more space that you can use for entertaining, cookouts, parties, and more!

Unfortunately, too many homeowners incorrectly believe that there’s nothing that they can do to improve the look and feel of their homes due to the colder temperatures that characterize the winter season.

Our team at Anthony Landscapes wants you to know that winter is actually the perfect season to begin the early stages of your hardscaping project! Some of the benefits of starting your project during the winter season include:

  • Less damage to your plants. After the temperature falls below a certain level, your plants and lawn remain dormant to survive the winter season. When you begin plotting your hardscaping while the weather is cold, you’ll generally see less damage to your landscaping when compared to other seasons in which plants’ roots are flourishing.
  • More flexible scheduling. Waiting until the spring season to begin your hardscaping project is like waiting until December 24th to do your Christmas shopping! During the spring season, our contractors are flooded with requests to begin projects, so they may have limited time to work on your own backyard project!
  • Less of an annoyance. During the spring, summer and fall months, the chances are that you and your children want to spend time outside playing — not trapped in the house! Unfortunately, when a hardscaping project is taking place on your property, you may have access to a limited area due to safety concerns. Instead, begin your project during the winter, when everyone would like to be inside anyway!

Now is the ideal time to give a hardscaping contractor from Anthony Landscapes in Yardley, PA a call to begin the hardscaping project that you’ve been dreaming about! Pick up the phone and dial 215-596-4730 for your free estimate today!

3 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Stone Paving Needs a Touch Up

Paver patios in Bucks County are popular for their classic design and feel. It’s fun and easy to throw a great get together right at home when you have a beautiful and large outdoor space! However, if your paver patio was finished more than a few years ago, you might already be seeing signs of wear and tear that can affect the look and feel of your entertaining space.


Here are three of the most common signs that your paver patio in Montgomery County is in need of a little bit of TLC from a trusted hardscaping with experience in maintaining your favorite entertaining area.


  • Weathering mortar. Take a look at the areas in between the stones on your paver patio, do you notice any cracking or weathering? This is a sign that your paver patio might need a little bit of a touch-up from our professional paving company.


  • Missing pavers. Missing portions of your patio are probably the most obvious sign that your paver patio needs a touch up, but you might be surprised by how many homeowners ignore this cry for repair. Leaving your paver patio with missing sections can increase the chances of someone tripping and falling on your property, so be sure to call your landscaper when you notice any part of your patio is missing.


  • Draining Issues. If your patio tends to pool water, this is likely a result of bricks weathering in certain places and causing an uneven plain. Our professionals can provide patio leveling to fix this issue.


If you are in need of repair for your paver patio or would like to learn more about the benefits of improving your property with a new patio of your own, don’t hesitate to give Anthony Landscapes a call today at 215-596-4730 for a free estimate. You can also browse our website to fill out a contact form and read more about our many services.


5 Landscaping Tips for Fall

With winter weather right around the corner, it is easy to start neglecting your lawn and garden. Here at Anthony Landscapes, the leaders in designing and installing paver patios in Montgomery County, PA, we look out for your lawn regardless of the season.


With these five tips for fall and winter, your lawn will stand out once the snow melts in early spring.


#1 Keep Mowing Your Lawn – The best advice you can follow is to keep mowing your lawn regardless of the weather. Eventually, your lawn will stop growing once the weather becomes cooler. However, until then, you should cut your grass if it is growing. Grass that becomes too long will shade spots on the lawn, leading to some dead areas.


#2 Seed The Lawn – After a long summer, your lawn may experience some ugly areas from the summer sun or foot traffic. We recommend seeding the entire lawn and then focusing on the problem areas. A rule of thumb is two to four pounds of seed for every 1,000 square feet of lawn.


#3 Rake The Leaves – We know raking the leaves isn’t something you want to do on your day off from work, but leaving leaves scattered across your lawn cause multiple fungal diseases. It may not seem like much, but raking your leaves can go a long way when it comes to making sure your lawn looks beautiful when spring rolls around.


#4 Use Your Leaves – Instead of bagging up your leaves and throwing them out with your weekly trash, use the leaves to make your own mulch. You can turn your raked leaves into mulch by running a lawn mower over the pile of leaves. Your chewed up leaves can be great mulch for your garden area.


#5 Weeds – Just like most other plants during fall, weeds are in a state of energy absorption. Spraying weed killing products over your lawn is a surefire way to eliminate those pesky unwanted guests.


If you are interested in learning more about how to take care of your property during the fall or want to find out about paver patios for your Bucks County home, contact our friendly team at Anthony Landscapes today!

What to Expect When You Hire Anthony Landscapes

If you’ve hired Anthony Landscapes to complete a project in your yard, you already know that you’re going to receive professional service and a company that works together with you to achieve your design goals. However, if you’ve never had landscaping done with Anthony Landscapes, here’s what you can expect.

First, our trusted hardscaping company in Bucks County starts off with a free consultation where our designers will go over your needs, problems and budget. The length of your consultation will generally depend upon how in-depth your needs are. If you know exactly what you want, it may only involve an estimate and a sketch. If your ideas are more fluid, our designer may want to do a landscape investigation and site analysis.

After an on-site analysis, our designer will draw up a “base map” that takes into account any existing hard and softscaping, the current structures in your yard, and any landscape problems that might get in the way of the project. After the base map is completed, a design blueprint will be drawn up that includes the specifications of your project. The design will be customized to your budget, your wants and needs and the vision you have for your yard.

Finally, after the blueprint is finished, installation of your new features will begin. Our team of professionals will take the plans written on the blueprint and bring your vision to life in your own yard. You’ll be able to see as your dream backyard slowly comes to life right before your eyes!

When your installation is completed, we’ll meet with you to provide you with instructions to care for your new hardscaping and plantings. After everything is completed, we’ll also be available to answer any maintenance questions you have to retain the initial quality.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing your landscape dreams to reality, call Anthony Landscapes for trusted hardscaping service in Bucks County at 215-596-4730 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.