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Stop Cutting Your Grass: 4 Reasons to Make the Switch to Professional Lawn Care Services

You work hard. You already have so many chores. Budgeting for seasonal lawn care services can give you more time to enjoy your home and spend less time maintaining your home. Professional lawn care services can help senior citizens maintain their home’s desired curb appeal without physical burdens. Having your grass cut by a professional can also help you take control of weeds, achieve the lawn of your dreams, and increase the amount of time you’re able to enjoy your outdoor property during the warm months. 

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Native Perennials for a Thriving, Low-Maintenance Garden

Isn’t it the dream to walk out into your garden after a long northeastern winter and see dozens of young plant life emerging at the start of spring? Wouldn’t you love to spend less time in the “outdoor” department every season and more time enjoying the fruits of a beautifully curated garden? One of the best paths to low-maintenance, high-impact, and thriving home gardens is knowing what to plant for your microclimate. Native plants are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space while giving back to the native pollinators and wildlife that make the Philadelphia-area unique. 

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soilless mix

What Is Soilless Mix, and Should I Be Using It?

Let’s talk about dirt. Seasoned gardeners may recoil at calling soil dirt, but it’s essential to make a few key distinctions. Gardening enthusiasts will tell you that dirt has no place in gardening. Dirt is the grime and dust that collects on belongings, while soil is the life-sustaining sustenance that vegetables, trees, shrubs, and many plants derive their nutrients from. Soil is a blend of sand, silt, and other organic matter, and it’s best for in-ground planting.

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