A husband and wife sitting next to a burning fire pit in their backyard

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fire Pit This Winter

Fire pits shouldn’t be limited to use during the year’s warmer months. Get the most out of your fire pit by continuing to use it throughout winter. There’s nothing better than warming up to a winter fire outdoors with a cup of hot cocoa.

Whether toasting marshmallows with family or inviting friends over for gatherings, your fire pit is a part of your outdoor living space you can enjoy year-round. Here’s how to get the most out of your fire pit this winter.

Keep Your Fire Pit Covered

If you plan to keep using your fire pit during the winter months, you need to keep your fire pit covered. Good places to store it include the garage, shed, or covering it with a specially designed cover or tarp. 

A wet base makes it more challenging to start the fire. Covering your fire pit will help prevent snow and ice from sticking. In addition, a cover protects it from the elements and prevents water damage and rust on the grill grate. 

It also makes the setup process more manageable when you’re ready to light the fire. Simply remove the covering or retrieve it from storage. A quick setup allows you to promptly get your fire pit going during winter, regardless of your type of fire pit.

Store Your Firewood in a Dry Place

In addition to keeping your fire pit covered, you also should store your firewood in a dry place. For example, your garage or shed can provide ideal storage space for your firewood during the winter.

If your garage or shed is full, use a firewood rack to store it in your backyard. A stand will keep it off the ground so that it won’t absorb moisture from winter weather. A tarp is also helpful in covering your firewood to help keep it dry.

Wood fire burning pits provide the ambiance of an indoor fireplace in a wintery landscape. If you have a gas fire pit, check to ensure nothing is leaking or covered in snow. Moisture might prevent a gas fire pit from starting. 

Clear Your Seating Area

Before you enjoy your outdoor fire, set up a seating area for the fire pit. Then, clear a spot to sit and clean your furniture and seating around the fire pit. If you need furniture for your fire pit, Anthony Landscapes and Design is your place for outdoor furniture in Bucks County and Montgomery County.

Also, make sure your fire pit is away from trees or overhanging roofs to adhere to fire safety standards. Don’t place it on snow, as this can cause your setup to become unstable. 

Suppose there’s already snow on the ground—shovel plenty of space for your fire pit and seating area. Give yourself sufficient room to walk around the area easily. 

Dig a Path to Your Fire Pit

Clear away snow to create a path to your fire pit. Digging a way makes bringing food and other items to your seating area easier. Forging a path to your fire pit also prevents everyone from having to walk in the snow. Instead, you can get creative and use the snow to build an igloo around the seating area. 

Light the Fire and Keep it Burning

Lighting a fire during cold weather can be difficult, but it only takes patience to get your wood burning. Never wear gloves when lighting a fire, as they can catch fire and cause burns to your hands. 

Begin by lighting a small kindling on fire and then gradually building it up. If you’ve kept your firewood dry, you should be able to keep your fire burning as long as you want. 

Place a tarp on the ground to temporarily store the firewood you’re planning to add to the fire pit. A tarp keeps the pieces dry and away from the snow. Collect any ash and use it to provide nutrients to your soil and garden. 

If you’re starting with a fire pit, you can use fire starter logs until you master the lighting technique. Either way, you can experience the scent of wood ash while tasting a roasting marshmallow. These are a few fire pit tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your fire pit in the winter.

Bundle Up, Sit Back, and Enjoy Your Fire Pit

Now that you’ve done the work and preparation, gather your family members, invite a few friends, and enjoy your fire pit. Gather a few extra blankets, winter caps, and gloves. These will keep everyone warm when temperatures drop. 

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