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3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Stone Patio

From entertaining at a summer birthday party to gathering around a fall fire, there are plenty of reasons why you might be considering a patio installation for your Bucks County home. While you’re probably already planning where you’ll place your patio and how you’ll use it, you should also plan ahead for how you’re going to care for and clean your patio. Here are three big mistakes you need to avoid when you clean your new stone patio.

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3 Benefits of Raking Leaves Off Your Lawn

raking leaves

As a child, you probably loved jumping in massive piles of leaves. Unfortunately, as an adult, you probably spend much more time raking leaves than enjoying them. Raking leaves can be tough—and many homeowners are now skipping the task altogether. However, raking isn’t just for aesthetics. Here are three benefits your lawn will receive if you keep up with your raking this fall.

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