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3 Steps to Protect Your Flowerbed During Winter

mulch in flowerbed

Most of us only think about tending to our flowerbeds and gardens while the sun is warm and the days are longer. During the cold, brief winter days such responsibilities usually fall to the wayside, but such neglect is a mistake for the informed gardener. Winter neglect can lead to springtime troubles. There are a number of things you can do to ensure the health of your garden or flowerbed display as the bitter cold sets in.

1. Re-mulch Your Flowerbed – Many of us tend to focus on mulching our flowerbeds during spring when an invasion of weeds is the most likely. Though just because weed growth slows down in the frost months doesn’t mean that mulch is any less important. Mulch during the fall and winter can help preserve moisture in your flowerbed to prevent the desiccation of your plants’ roots. A layer of mulch can also assist with root insulation from frost and snow. Just make sure you remove any lingering weeds in your flowerbed before laying your mulch down. If  Continue reading

Why Do Leaves Change Colors In The Fall?

If you’ve spent any time enjoying the cooler weather this month, you may have noticed that the trees in your yard are beginning to change color. Soon, leaves in shades of yellow, red, and orange will burst onto the scene across Pennsylvania. You may even begin to notice that your lawn or patio installation in Bucks County already has a few stray brown leaves on it. But why do leaves change color in the fall?

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