landscaping elements around pool

Awesome Landscaping Ideas for Around Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

Whether your pool was constructed years ago or you’re on the hunt for the best pool companies in Montgomery County, PA, to install your pool, it’s never too late or early to start thinking about pool landscaping. You can transform your backyard into a private oasis with greenery, hardscaping, and lighting that match your unique style. As you reinvent your outdoor space, keep these unique pool landscaping ideas in mind.

Plant an Island Oasis

When you think of “landscaping,” you likely imagine blooming flowers and lush shrubs surrounding the edges of your pool. However, landscaping doesn’t have to be restricted to the exterior of your pool. Instead, you can place an island structure in the middle of the water and plant flowers, succulents, or palm trees on this island. You will feel like you’re swimming through a tropical oasis.

Use Your Plants for Privacy

Wooden privacy fences are so yesterday. Keep your in-ground pool hidden from prying eyes by surrounding it with boxwood shrubs, high trees, or a trellis with vines. Alternatively, you could build a terraced landscape with retaining walls and vibrant flower beds to create the privacy you desire. These pool landscaping design ideas look classy and luxurious without going over the top.

Say Hello to Succulents

Everyone is falling in love with succulents for their various styles and easy maintenance. If you’re fond of these sometimes-prickly plants, consider planting them around your in-ground pool. They are evergreen, hardy, and pair well with other plants. You can get a variety of succulents without spines (needles/thorns), so you don’t have to worry about the plants poking swimmers in bathing suits. Plant them around the sides of the pool or in a raised bed.

Embrace the “Bed-Head” Look

If you want to take your landscaping and pool design to the next level, try the “bed head” gardening trend. With this design, you will need to plant hydrangeas with plants like daylilies or ornamental grasses scattered throughout. This design aims to create an overgrown look that complements the curved edges of your pool. It’s embracing nature at its finest.

Use String Lights to Enhance the Pool Landscaping

While designing the landscaping for your backyard pool, you will want to consider the lighting carefully. You can never go wrong with incorporating string lights into your design. These lights add to the ambiance while highlighting the key features of your pool area.

If you have a pool house, you can use it as an anchor for the lights as you stretch them above the pool. Alternatively, you can use planters and wooden posts as anchor points for the lights. If you decide to go this route, you can add your favorite florals to the planters.

Mix Nature With Man-Made Details

Are you looking to make your pool area look more modern and chic? Consider installing oversized patio pavers around the sides of the pool with enough space between them that grass can grow through. These bold, large pavers instantly draw the eye while still allowing you and your guests to sink your toes into the lush grass in your backyard.

Breathe Life Into Your In-Ground Pool Landscaping

There’s no better way to enhance the appearance of your in-ground pool and outdoor living space than by planting lush and vibrant greenery and interspersing it with unique hardscaping and lighting fixtures.

For more pool and landscape design ideas, get in touch with Anthony Landscapes. Our professionals will help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams. We offer everything from pool installation services to garden cleanup services so that you can trust your space is in good hands. Contact us today to get started on your pool landscaping project.