backyard patio set up with a pergola to remain cool

How Can I Keep My Patio Cool During the Summer?

Slide on your shades, slip into your flip-flops, grab your favorite frosted drink, and step onto your patio — it’s summertime, people! With the sun hanging high in the sky, it’s the perfect time to absorb some rays and breathe fresh air. The only thing is — all that sunshine can quickly heat your porch until it’s unbearable.

If you’re looking longingly at your patio from the cool confines of your home, consider implementing these five strategies for cooling down your outdoor living space. With these simple steps, you could create the perfect oasis for your summer days.

Install a Pool

What better way to make the most of a hot summer day than to take a dip in your own backyard swimming pool? The swim will instantly cool you off, allowing you to enjoy several hours basking in the sun on your patio without dying of heat.

Even if you don’t feel like swimming or fully submerging in the water, you can still benefit from the inground pool. Sit on the edge with your feet dangling in the water or lounge under an umbrella while your kids burn off some pent-up energy in the pool.

Installing a pool in your backyard will not only allow you to stay cool on a hot summer day, but it will also improve your home’s value. There are many pool companies in Montgomery County, PA, but only one is worth hiring. At Anthony Landscapes, our experts will help you decide on the perfect size and shape of pool for your patio design.

Get a Pergola

Often, the worst part of the summer heat is the direct sunlight. Installing a pergola over your patio can ensure you have a place to escape the offending sun rays. With a pergola, you will still be able to enjoy the summer breeze, but you won’t have to worry about too much sun exposure.

In addition to its functional purpose, a pergola can benefit your patio by adding style to your space. You can have your structure designed with the wood of your choice and then decorate it with potted plants, string lights, or curtains.

Use a Misting System

Have you ever walked through an amusement park and come across a misting station? This spray of water likely brought a great sense of relief, especially if you were standing directly under the sun and fighting large crowds of people. While the temperatures on your patio may not be as extreme as those at an amusement park, your outdoor living space could still benefit from a misting system.

A mister can reduce the temperature on your patio by about 20 degrees, which makes a significant difference in the space’s comfort level. This outdoor cooling system is a must-have when hosting summer pool parties and backyard barbecues.

Install Outdoor Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans can provide much-needed relief from the summer heat. They may not cool the air, but they keep it circulating, so the environment doesn’t become too stuffy.

Add an Outdoor Bar

An easy way to stay cool on your patio during the summer is to sip ice-cold beverages. Installing an outdoor bar on your deck can make staying hydrated and refreshed even easier. Cool refreshments will only be steps away.

We’ll Help You Stay Cool This Summer

As you can see, there are several ways to keep your patio nice and cool this summer. Whether you want to install a pool, pergola, or outdoor bar, our Doylestown landscaping professionals can help you create an outdoor space that matches your style preferences and budget. Contact us today for patio and hardscaping services.