Walkways, Walls and Masonry Services

No yard is complete without walkways, retaining walls, patios and the other services provided by Anthony Landscapes. Our team of dedicated experts specializes in customizing backyards as well as the front and sides of homes of all shapes and sizes.

1.2patio3.3Are you looking to turn your swimming pool area into a paradise fit for extravagant get-togethers and gatherings? Do you need a safe entrance path leading from the street and driveway to your front door for when the grandparents are in town? Do you need a small area out back to sit and soak in the summer sun? These are just three scenarios in which our hardscaping and masonry services come in handy for properties in Montgomery County and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Your home should be your palace. It’s more than just a real estate investment: It provides safety and comfort for you, your loved ones, and every guest you invite over. Here are some reasons to upgrade your property’s exterior:

  • Paths and walkways make life easier for all of your visitors. This includes postal workers, neighbors, you name it. By adding a walkway, people will no longer have to walk through your grass, mulch,and soil. This results in healthier plants, easier cleanup and less overall headache.
  • Fewer slips and falls. The next time your Great Aunt Betty and Great Uncle Paul come over, do them a favor and have a smooth surface awaiting them. Safety always comes first, and preventing accidents and injuries will keep everybody happy, healthy and lawsuit-free.
  • It looks better. Simply put, paving cobblestone paths and a building a retaining wall are great ways to give your home an instant makeover. Whether you are inviting the in-laws over from out of town or have a promising second date, the first impression of your home goes a long way.
  • Increase property value. Adding a stylish but functional structure to your home makes it more appealing to potential buyers. The more features and amenities your home has, the higher a value your Pennsylvania property will maintain.

Retaining Wall Installation in Pennsylvania

Our hardscaping installation services in Montgomery County, PA, and Bucks County are second to none. There are many benefits of having wall installation done on your property. These walls resist the lateral pressure of the soil and also act as an on outdoor step that is easier to climb than a steep, slippery, potentially muddy hill. They are also perfect for accenting outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, bars and pool areas.

Services to Accompany Your Hardscaping:

Anthony Landscapes offers softscaping that goes great with your new walkways, walls and outdoor kitchens. Our team plants and installs structures for trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and complete gardens, poolscapes and birdscapes.

We offer a complimentary consultation where we listen to your goals. Once we understand your scope of work we can provide a plan and blueprint to accommodate your needs (and budget). To get your free estimate today, call 215-876-3111.

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