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Are There Different Kinds of Mulch?

Mulch is a popular landscape feature that helps property owners reduce weeds and support the soil’s ability to retain moisture. There are many kinds of mulch, but people must first decide whether to install organic or inorganic mulch in their landscape. Often, the choice is an aesthetic one. Within each category, there are many different mulch options to choose from. Here, we’ll explore these two categories of mulch so you can choose the best solution for your property.

What Is Organic Mulch?

Organic mulch refers to materials that will decompose over time. Mulch made from tree bark, soft woodchips, grass clippings, or leaves will deteriorate and need to be replaced as early as the following year. Many landscapers prefer organic mulch because as it decomposes, it can support the health of the soil. It’s also typically a cheaper option than many inorganic mulch types.

What Is Inorganic Mulch?

Inorganic mulch refers to materials that will not decompose. These mulch types include rocks, pebbles, landscape fabric, or various man-made materials. Gardeners and landscapers rely on these types of mulches for similar reasons as organic mulch — to reduce weed growth and lock moisture into the soil. These mulch types also help lock in heat, which can be beneficial for some plants but not for others. It’s essential to consider your plantings before selecting any kind of mulch.

What Type of Mulch Should I Choose?

Often, people’s aesthetic preference governs their selection of mulch. Bark and wood chips are available in many different shades and feature a rustic look that many people find appealing. White rock, on the other hand, offers a more formal look and may be ideal for traditional settings. Hardscaping materials like stone and gravel are more costly than bark or wood chips, so considering budget can be another way to govern your choice.

Reach Out to a Dependable Mulching Company

Remember to consider the types of plants you have and soil conditions. That may also impact your mulch selection. If you are still unsure about what materials to use to mulch your flower beds, contact Anthony Landscapes. We can help you select, source, and install the ideal type of mulch for your landscape. We also feature a wide range of professional landscaping services to help you keep your exterior setting expertly maintained.