man pulling weeds

5 Tips to Help Manage Spring Weeds

The spring gardening season is just around the corner — which means that weeds are well on their way to invading your lawn. Use these five simple and effective weed control tips for a fuller lawn and less weed control this year.

  • Use a pre-emergent weed killer. Did you know that you can get a jump-start on controlling weeds early? Pre-emergent weed killers prevent weeds from sprouting — so you spend less time pulling throughout the spring.
  • Mulch often. Mulch companies in Bucks County know that mulching isn’t just a great solution for soil enrichment — it can also help smother weeds. Mulch early and often to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn this spring.
  • Weed when wet. The key to preventing weeds from sprouting up in your lawn again after you pull them is to remove them by the roots. This task is much easier to accomplish when your soil is wet, so consider saving your weeding until after the next spring shower arrives.
  • Cut off the tops. Are you experiencing a period of drought and can’t get your weeds by the roots? Do damage control by cutting off the tops of the weeds in your lawn until it rains. These are typically the sections of the plants responsible for distributing seeds, which means removing them will lessen the amount of work you have to do later.
  • Hire a professional lawn care service. Maintaining a green lawn can be a tough task. If you don’t have the time to continuously weed your lawn this spring, hire a Bucks County lawn care company like Anthony Landscapes to tackle the tough tasks for you.

Everyone wants a gorgeous lawn — but unfortunately, not everyone has the time to handle their own care. If you’re looking for assistance taking care of your lawn this spring, call Anthony Landscapes. From weeding to sodding to landscaping installation, our team does it all. To get started, pay us a visit online at or call 215-876-3111.