3 Easy Tips For a Cleaner Pool

You’ve scheduled your Bucks County, PA swimming pool installation, helped your team create the perfect pool for your property, and now you’re finally ready to enjoy all the fun that comes with swimming and exercising in your pool. Unfortunately, now there’s another task that you’ll need to stay on top of—keeping your pool clean! Use these quick tips to make cleaning your pool easier this spring.

Skim and Scrub Daily

A healthy pool maintenance schedule begins with daily skimming and scrubbing. Make skimming your pool one of your morning chores and remember to do it every day. You should also be scrubbing down the sides of your pool to prevent algae buildup daily.

Clean Out Your Filter Once a Week

Your pool’s filter is kind of like its kidneys. Like our kidneys, a pool filter catches all of the impurities that enter your pool—like dirt, leaves, and even a few small toys. Clean out your filter basket once a week to prevent these impurities from sitting in your water.

Test Your Water’s Chemical Balance Often

Balancing your chemical levels doesn’t just help keep your pool clean—it can also improve the longevity of your pool’s liner and prevent the people swimming in your pool from getting sick. Without a proper chemical balance, your pool can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Testing your pool’s chemical levels is easy. You can purchase testing kits from your local pool supply store or online. You should ideally test your pool’s chemical levels about once a week, but you might want to test more often if you’ve had a problem with your chemical level in the past and you’re trying to correct it. A balanced pool should have no scent, the water should be clear, and you shouldn’t have chemical residue on your skin when you get out of the pool.

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