4 Ways to Enhance the Safety of Your Swimming Pool

In-ground pool contractors in Bucks County, PA understand that parents love to install swimming pools in their backyard for scorching summer days. While taking a dip into a crystal clear swimming pool might be refreshing, it can also quickly become a safety hazard—especially for small children and pets. Before you open your pool this spring, make sure you follow these four pool safety precautions to enjoy a safer swimming season.

  • Install a pool fence. Installing a fence around your pool isn’t just a smart idea—it’s the law. Since 2004, Pennsylvania state building codes have dictated that in-ground pool owners must erect and maintain a fence that’s at least 4 feet high with a self-closing latch or gate. If you haven’t installed a fence around your pool, or if your fence has been damaged during the winter, call our local fencing company immediately.
  • Shape up your hardscaping. Hardscaping (the paving around your poolside) can become a danger if it’s cracked or damaged, as these areas can cause children to trip and fall into the pool while running. Inspect the area around your pool and call for hardscaping services in Bucks County if you notice a lapse in the hardscaping’s integrity.
  • Get rid of the diving board. Diving boards may be fun, but they’re also a magnet for injuries. If you have young children, consider ditching the diving board. If you really want to keep it, make sure children understand the dangers associated with the diving board and institute a strict “no running” rule when using the pool.
  • Store your chemicals out of reach. Chemicals keep your pool safe and prevent harmful bacteria and algae from growing in your water. However, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, pool chemicals may also cause burns or damage when played with or handled without gloves. Keep your pool chemicals in a locked box and store the box in a cool, dry area and out of the reach of little hands.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to install an in-ground pool during the winter season—and it can even be finished in time for the first warm day of spring! To learn more about in-ground swimming pool construction, give the team at Anthony Landscapes a call today at 215-876-3111!