3 Strategies to Help Pet Owners Protect Their Lawns From Urine Burns

The weather is heating up, and if you’re like most pet owners, you and your four-legged friend are probably spending more time playing in your yard. If you’ve been noticing that your beautiful green lawn has been mysteriously plagued by more and more brown or yellow patches, Fido may be the culprit. Anthony Landscapes knows that after an entire spring season of lawn care, seeing these stains pop up all over your hard work can be frustrating. Try using one of these three strategies from the professionals at our landscaping and hardscaping company in Bucks County to save your summer grass!


  • Up your pooch’s hydration. Urine burns and kills grass because it contains high levels of nitrogen. When your dog is dehydrated, he or she can inadvertently introduce large quantities of the compound into your grass, killing the seeds in their favorite spot. Proper hydration will leave your dog with diluted urine that is less likely to harm your grass while making sure your furry pal is healthy under the Pennsylvania summer sun!


  • Train your dog to go in a different spot. If giving your dog a drink doesn’t help with the urine burn problem, you may want to try training your dog to do his or her business in a grass-free area of your yard. Citrus spray (a scent that dogs naturally love) can be used to help encourage your four-legged friend to urinate in an area of sand, gravel, or tanbark instead. Short on time? Consider investing in “Pee Posts,” neon pylons infused with pheromones to attract your dog to use the toilet in a designated spot.


  • Give your lawn some TLC. If your dog insists on doing his or her business on your lawn and no other strategy seems to help, it might be time to call in the professionals. A Bucks County landscaping company like Anthony Landscapes can help refresh and renew your lawn, repairing damage from Fido’s business!  


Are you interested in learning more about saving or upgrading your lawn? Anthony Landscapes can help. Give our team a call today at 215-876-3111 to get started with a free estimate!