zucchini plant

3 Easy-to-Grow High-Yield Vegetables

You don’t need a massive plot of land to feed your family with fresh vegetables! Maximizing your gardening space is easy when you plant one of these three high-yield vegetables that produce tons of food each year.


Oftentimes referred to as a “garden bully,” zucchini grows aggressively, edging out other plants that are close to it. They also produce very generous harvests — you’ll only need one or two plants to enjoy fresh zucchini all summer. Though zucchini plants tend to take up more than their fair share of gardening space, you can keep them in check with regular maintenance and harvests.

Salad Greens 

Salad greens (like lettuce, spinach, and arugula) are an excellent choice for your garden if you’re looking for a high vegetable payoff. There are many types of salad greens that you can begin growing with only a bit of space, and these vegetables are also notoriously easy for beginner gardeners to master. Just be careful when doing your landscaping maintenance in Bucks County, PA — when sprouting, it’s easy to confuse salad greens with weeds.


Easy, delicious, and low maintenance, tomatoes are the number one gardening crop in the United States. And it’s easy to see why — each tomato plant grows many fruits each year and can withstand most climates. If you aren’t a fan of standard heirloom tomatoes, consider growing a few cherry tomatoes, which are equally as plentiful and easy to master.

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