3 Benefits of Raking Leaves Off Your Lawn

raking leaves

As a child, you probably loved jumping in massive piles of leaves. Unfortunately, as an adult, you probably spend much more time raking leaves than enjoying them. Raking leaves can be tough—and many homeowners are now skipping the task altogether. However, raking isn’t just for aesthetics. Here are three benefits your lawn will receive if you keep up with your raking this fall.

  • Healthy sunlight absorption. Like any other plant, grass needs to be able to absorb sunlight in order to stay healthy and grow. If you allow a layer of leaves to cover your landscaping in Bucks County, your grass has a much harder time getting the sunlight it needs to produce energy. This can lead to more brown patches when spring rolls around.
  • Less “smothering.” Most lawns in the northern half of the United States are made up of a blend of cool-season grasses. Cool season grasses can survive snow and colder temperatures but need a consistent stream of sunlight and water to stay healthy. If you let a layer of leaves cover your grass, it will have a harder time getting the water and nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Fewer pests and diseases. Fall leaves are often hosts for disease and pests. Allowing leaves to hang around on your property can cause any disease from your trees to infect your grass. This can lead to snow mold and brown patch infestations in your lawn. Leaves also provide the perfect hiding spot for pests like termites and mice as well. By skipping the raking, you might unknowingly be inviting some unexpected guests onto your lawn. 

Too busy to handle your own leaf-raking this season? Let Anthony Landscapes’ Bucks County landscape service handle your end-of-season cleanup! Our team provides professional landscaping and fall cleanup services, allowing your lawn to reap the benefits without spending hours raking. Give us a call today at today to learn more or get started!