Does Your Lawn Need Watering? Here’s How To Tell


Now that the temperature is getting hotter, you might notice that your grass is looking a little limp. Most homeowners know that they need to water their lawns regularly if they want to maintain healthy, lush grass. But how often does your lawn really need to be watered? You can save both water and energy by looking for these signs your lawn is thirsty before you bust out the hose.

The first sign that most homeowners notice when they think their lawn looks parched is its color. Bend down and take a look at the color of your grass. If you notice that the blades are turning yellow or a blueish-grey tint, it probably means that your lawn needs some attention.

The second test that you can use is called the “footprint test.” Take a heavy step on your lawn, move your foot out of the way, and pay attention to how the grass moves. If the blades spring back to life, your lawn has enough water. If you see a footprint, you should water your grass.

If you have a budding tree or a garden, your sprouts might need more than water to grow up healthy. Mulch companies in Bucks County know that, though regular water is important, mulching is also crucial to maintain the health of the soil. Mulching helps insulate the soil and redirect water to the roots of the plant. If your lawn is looking a little dull and watering doesn’t seem to be helping, you may want to consider exploring your grass mulching options.

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